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Over the last few months we’ve been posting to Facebook a little more than usual, so here are the recent ones that have been posted. ChessBaron intends to be around for a long time – we do our best – we hope you like it.

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Our chess sets travel a long way, even away from the planet

Citrine Enhanced Chess Pieces

Novag Citrine Chess Pieces









Well, we just had to re-post this email we received in today about a set of chess pieces we sold to a rather distinguished customer:

“Hi Baron, this is to confirm you that I got the the Enhanced Citrine chess pieces set last Wednesday. It looks very nice and improves a lot the playing experience over my Mephisto Exclusive board equipped with a Revelation Gold Module. Thanks for providing us with new tools to enjoy more and more our chess passion!

Kind regards,



Chess – Early Summer – London








Chess is evocative of… good company, relaxation, summer days, sophistication, development, skill, and much more. Chess is good for the body and soul. This picture was taken whilst trvelling though Greenwhich in London in late May, and just seemed to capture the essense of good times in good company.

Customer Email Received Today about the Aristotle Chess Computer

Dear Baron,

I received my order today, just to I’m very pleased with my order,the chess computer is great.

The whole process of dealing with your company has been excellent and will recommend you guys as often as possible.

Once again thank you and look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

John Va…

Putin, Chess, Russia

Russia, Putin, Chess

Well, chess is used as a metaphor for many things. Here’s a ref to Putin in Russia playing a tactical and aggressive game: NPR on Putin and Chess.

Could it be part of the game they’re playing in Russia to be persecuting harmless people, such as this story: Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia? They seem to think the Watchtower is extremist. Of course, as always, it’s the Russian Orthodox church behind it.

Political commentators love comparing US – Russian relations to the game of chess (read down – not just hungry hippos). Its reputation as the ultimate test of strategic thinking but relative simplicity compared with actual foreign relations makes it perfect for tortured analogies.

Weekly Deal from

Baggio Ebony Chess Set

Baggio Ebony Chess Set - the First Weekly Deal

Every week at chessbaron UK there will be a weekly deal. A superb, regularly selling product will be vastly reduced for one week only. The URL is The chess products will only be available for one week, and the speciall price won’t be held for more than one week, nor available after the week has finished.

The first one is the mighty Baggio in Ebony – a beautiful set, which will have 70% discount for the week.

Head over to ChessBaron Weekly Deal now!

Chess for the Blind or Partially Sighted

Chess for Blind

A new range of chess sets are brought to you by ChessBaron in the UK – chess sets for the blind or partially sighted chess players. These sets are made in accordance with the Braille chess association – and are in two different sizes: 10″ Square and 13″ Square.

The sets have raised dark squares, dowells in the pieces, holes in the centre of each square, spikes (not too sharp – you’re safe) in the dark pieces to designate their colour and all designed in the required Staunton style, so that they are easily determined by their shape.

Further – the cabinet is of superb quality – a solid sheesham frame with soilid sheesham squares too (no veneer here!). The product is a luxury item.

The ChessBaron Zebra

The ChessBaron Zebra is back in stock. Made from rare material – sculpted by artisans – what a superb finish! The Zebra is a wistful looking product on a very heavy solid marble board, and packaged along with a velvet case. The board and case are all included in the deal – which is less than £100 all-in ($150).

Get it here:


Dealing with Scammers – a Story from ChessBaron UK

Retailers regularly get emails from people asking for large orders, then writing a cheque for much more than the total and asking for us to quickly return the excess money. Of course, they want us to send the money before the counterfeit cheque bounces.

But this time we thought we’d have a little fun: Could the scammer be scammed?

Here’s their other UK chess pages:
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ChessBaron Canada Announcement

After a good number of years operating ChessBaron Canada we would like to announce that we are passing the torch to the new owner of the business – Will Havenaar.

We would very much like to express our appreciation to all of our customers in Canada. It has been a real pleasure being of service to you.

Will is very experienced in running customer oriented businesses. We are confident that ChessBaron Canada’s reputation for quality and service will be in safe hands.

Wishing you all the very best,